We approach the challenge with your customer in mind.

It’s not about jumping from old ways to new. It’s about helping you find your MARKETING BALANCE.
With so many opportunities to communicate with your customer, it’s hard to pick the best one. But rarely is it about picking one. It’s about finding the right mix of proven tactics that generate results, and new techniques and channels that build deeper connections, and even stronger results.

Every brand has a balancing point. And each is slightly different.

Finding your balance starts with an objective evaluation to what you are executing today. That’s because if you are like most, there are many things that are just not delivering the returns they once did and it’s time to stop. Even worse, there are things planned year after year, with no real understanding if it’s effective or not.

It’s not about throwing away what’s been done and move on. It’s about identifying what’s working (and measurable), and evaluating what could be missing. New ways of communicating with your customers are emerging and evolving all the time. Trying new approaches, and integrating these with proven tactics, is the best way to find your Marketing Balance.

Be sure to stand out when they go looking.

In the new online world, everything is changing. Buyers or ‘shoppers’ are now in control at the start of the ‘buying journey.’ Their process starts on their own terms, seeking out information and user experiences online before engaging the typical company sales pitch. Buyers are determining how they engage the brand, and traditional demand-generation advertising and promotion is becoming less effective.

KIK makes it a mission to ensure its clients get found at the start of their customers buying journey with the information they are looking for.

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