Your Customers Have Gone Digital — Guaranteed.

Your customers today spend more time online than with any other medium. Whether you are B2C or B2B, your customer is very reachable with the right online communication plan. At the same time, we know its important to find the right BALANCE of online and offline marketing activity for each brand to ensure a complete presence in the customer buying journey.

It’s our goal to uncover the plan that works for you.

Marketing on the Web.

Digital Marketing seems so big. For many brands, it’s an important and growing part of their Marketing Balance. Digital Marketing takes on many forms, new ones arise and others fade faster than we can sometimes process. What remains constant, is good content remains king.

Pay your customers with great content.

Today with so much at our fingertips, REMARKABLE content will win the hearts and minds of your customers.

Relevant, engaging, content is a cornerstone to building successful connections with customers. To be on top, it requires a strong dedication to development of new material, along with strategic mining and repurposing of existing information, delivered in creative ways that gets your customers (current and future) attention and gets them to act.

KIK works closely with clients to build remarkable content for each target audience.

The Business of Social Media.

Everyday, conversations are happening in social media channels that are relevant to your business. Are you a part of them? KIK helps brands find the opportunity to engage in meaningful interactions with customers, prospects, and influencers.

Finding your ideal audience

We have the tools to find the people that mean the most to your business. Our process begins with a strategy just like all parts of your marketing program. Insights help us define your brand’s customer persona’ and your key message pillars to assist with making those important connections with new and current customers.

Engaging content

Social media is not another medium to push one-way messages. We use it to engage, entertain, and ultimately improve the relationship between your customers and your business.

Driving traffic

Social media is a powerful tool to drive traffic to specific website pages or to improve Google rankings. As an integral part of your brand’s online presence, social media can provide a wide range of possibilities – all tailored to meet your specific goals.

Real-time analysis

KIK uses real-time data to help us determine what marketing activities are working best for your business. Maximizing the performance of your marketing is always top of mind.

Your Customers Search For You First.

Today, your customers are likely looking for you long before you’ve started looking for them. Consumers and businesses are using web searches at the start of the buying journey. They want to be informed before, and it must be easy. That’s why your brand/product/service needs an online presence that puts you in a position to be there first. As part of a proactive INBOUND STRATEGY, KIK uses the latest techniques and software to provide your message the best opportunity to have a strong position online when next customer starts looking for you. We build Search Engine Optimization and Marketing programs as part of an overall Digital Marketing plan.

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