Good Design is Often the Start of Good Perceptions.

From social media posts to multi media campaigns, design is an important part of your brand message. Having the tools to make design is not enough to make it good.

At KIK, we understand marketing starts with first understanding the audience – mindset, needs, behaviour, motivation – and applying this understanding to our communication design.

Marketing Support is Needed Throughout the Customer Journey.

We recognize that a complete marketing plan involves many things beyond a web presence or advertising. Our experience has not let us forget that for many clients their marketing needs include broadcast and print advertising, point of sale, packaging and more. From introduction to loyalty for the brand, we have the expertise.

Our goal is to understand all mediums to provide you with the right MARKETING BALANCE.

Effective Packaging is the Last Chance to Market Your Product.

As a critical component to many marketer’s overall brand communication strategy, packaging design is the last chance to make a great impression before purchase.

KIK has strong experience and expertise in creating designs that deliver great shelf presence and help ‘close the sale.’ Our services include:

  • Marketing research
  • Design exploration
  • Strategy
  • Production
  • Supplier management

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